And why Boney M.? - Intro

Probably because it's some of the most well produced and well arranged music ever recorded - no matter what the critics say. The record sales speak for themselves and the record buying public loved their music and not to forget the four members: Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams, Liz Mitchell and Bobby Farrell as well as Reggie Tsiboe who replaced Bobby Farrell in 1982.

It wasn't only the music. There was also the image of the group. When they started out no one had ever seen anything like it - and they were more or less an overnight sensation in Germany after their first appearance on Musikladen in September 1976 with "Daddy Cool".

Boney M. was a studio-group and all vocals on the records were done by Marcia Barrett, Liz Mitchell and Boney M.'s producer and mastermind Frank Farian. When Reggie Tsiboe replaced Bobby Farrell he would also be a part of the recording-team. From around 1980 session singers would also be used for backing vocals. However it should be mentioned that no matter what is said or written then the members of Boney M. did sing live on stage at live concerts. Farian wasn’t a part of that act.



(Marcia Barrett, Liz Mitchell, Bobby Farrell & Maizie Williams)

Both Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell had solo-parts in Boney M. and they were both singers prior to Boney M. Marcia was touring with her own solo-shows with great success while Liz Mitchell was a member of various acts one of them being the successful Les Humphries Singers.

However it was a mixture of their voices that would be known as the typical Boney M. sound together with Farian's deep male-vocal.

Unfortunately Marcia, Maizie, Liz and Bobby never got the credit they deserved for being Boney M. This site is therefore meant as a tribute to Marcia, Maizie, Liz, Bobby and Reggie and no one else.

Thanks to the members of Boney M. their hits are still remembered to this day and eventhough that the original group split in 1989 they still capture new generations with their music. Nearly all people would be able to mention a Boney M. hit no matter their age. When looking at the period 1976 - 1981 more or less any of their recordings were strong enough to could have been released as a single. That actually makes each Boney M. album a discovery on its own with outstanding album-tracks that deserve a go if you only know the single-hits of the group.

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(Photo art from the album "Oceans Of Fantasy" 1979)














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